“Setting the Woods on fire”

Linoleum Cut / Block Print, 9” x 12”

The assignment was an open prompt to simply create a print based on the title of a folk music song created before the 21st century. I chose “Settin’ the Woods on Fire” by Hank Williams.

In my thumbnail sketches, I investigated the experiences that came to mind - campfires, tailgate parties, adventure, and absurdity. In my strangest exploration, I came to an image of a vast forest fire with only a single clown with a watering can left to fend for himself. With the chaos of the political climate, the raging wildfires (at the time), and uncertainty of my immediate future, the image seemed to strike a unique chord with me.

Translating the crude handling of marker use succeeded in capturing the absurdity, the intensity of the heat, and torn textures of wood.

Dyatlov Pass

9 x 12” Graphite, Digital, ink, White Flash Paint, & Frosted Mylar.

A triptych piece based on the Dyatlov Pass Incident in Russia in which a group of experienced skiers met their deaths under mysterious and supernatural circumstances.

The entire event is shrouded and obscured by questionable circumstances, which lead me to an investigation of “visual obscurity”. I chose to explore the element of ‘mystery' by intentionally withholding visual information from the audience. Next, I could mimic the obscurity of a snowstorm through the use of paint, and transparent acetate in order to coat the artwork in blankets of elements.

These unconventional uses of elements gave the triptych a truly one-of-a-kind visual language that allowed it to command a haunting narrative (Made even better as it was created just before Halloween!).

“Binge Watching” Cyanotype

Cyanotype, Dyes, Watercolor 7 x 12”

I can’t name a single person in my life who doesn’t spend hours in front of a television, computer, or device to binge stream their favorite cinema online. It seems to have consumed so much of what it means to be alive in contemporary culture.

I wanted to use Cyanotype - a photographic process from the past - to capture the nearly spiritual glow of the the room lit by only a digital screen. I followed the prints with a series of watercolor passes to flood the room with a sense of light and atmosphere. Following a scan and digital treatment, I created a mock-up to show how the design could be used as a mural or wall space.