Getting lost in the woods, treading into the hills, and following the paths less travelled have filled my heart with excitement since a young age. As an artist, I love being challenged, being thrown head-first into the unknown, and discovering new ways of working. I’m driven to make work that connects with the hearts of emotion, authenticity, and the richness of life, and I believe that witnessing life first-hand is the best way to reach that goal.

In my free time, I love to take long road trips and paint in plein air along the way. I never leave the house without a pen to write ideas down if they come to me. I put my faith in spontaneity and I confidently trust my instincts and intuition. Traveling is crucial to me as an artist, as it informs my practice and provides me with inspiration to draw from. I hope to have a long list of destinations that I’ve drawn someday.



My Instagram page is where I am most active online! I try to always include art from my travels and projects that I work on